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About Louisa
Lousia Coffee's Ambition Is to Make the Finest Specialty Coffee
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“One is only considered a professional when one understands the way of tasting Italian coffee” was a sentence that prompted founder Chris to have his first taste of espresso.

The strong flavor that astonished his taste buds ignited his determination to make a cup of fine coffee.

Louisa Coffee is committed to roasting coffee beans, finely stirring them, and controlling the fire all by hand in order to find the sweet spot that yields the perfect flavor from the coffee beans.

The brand’s iconic formula was developed after four years of research.

Named after the Italian goddess Louisa, the brand had an endeavor to let all coffee enthusiasts have a cup of fine coffee and a passion for the culture of specialty coffee.

In 2006, the first Louisa Coffee shop was established, initiating the blueprint for the world of Louisa Coffee as a chain of specialty coffee shops.

Louisa Coffee Company Timeline

March 2006
Louisa brand is born
May 2007
Opened the first Louisa store — Original Minsheng Store
January 2012
Started franchising operations, resulting in 20 stores opening across Taiwan
July 2014
Introduced the first Diedrich 50 Kilo High Quality Coffee Roaster in Taiwan
August 2015
Opened the first coffee factory concept cafe location — Louisa Coffee Factory
May 2015
Opened 100th location — Tianmu Store
June 2015
Established the Central Roasting Facility
March 2016
Revamped the Louisa brand identity system to focus on a specialty cafe model
March 2016
Opened 200th location, Beitou Mingde Store, celebrating a milestone of 100 new stores in 10 months
July 2016
Established Roasting Plant No. 2
August 2016
Introduced the Diedrich 140 Kilo Coffee Roaster for the first time in Asia
March 2017
Opened first company owned, fully-remodelled historic cafe location — Ki-pataw Store
October 2017
Opened the first lifestyle cafe location — Sun Yat-sen Memorial Hall Store
February 2018
Teamed up with Shin Kong Group to open the first insurance consultation concept cafe — Shin Kong Store
March 2018
Opened the first harborside cafe location — Kaohsiung Port Warehouse No. 2
April 2018
Opened the first library-inspired concept cafe location — Minquan West Store
July 2018
Officially launched Taiwan's first 'Mobile Cafe' providing third wave specialty coffee
March 2019
Opened the first overseas store in Thailand