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Historical Cafe Location — 'Ki-pataw Store'

Many years ago, the area in front of the Beitou Train Station was an extremely lively and bustling place. In 1962, this location was originally a local shoe store. Later, due to property inheritances issues, the location was converted into a small shop selling children's toys and winter melon drinks.

As fortune would have it, Louisa discovered this unique location brimming with a rich history, and the building's mottled facade, deteriorating wooden frame, and crumbling pillars struck a chord in Louisa's heart.

After many months of surveying, inspection, structural evaluation, clearing, renovation, re-design, and remodeling, Louisa finished transforming the nearly century-old location into the only historical cafe of its kind in Taiwan and named it "Ki-pataw" (derived from indigenous Ketagalan, which means "Beitou Community").