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kaohsiung louisa store
30 may

Old Meets New with a Seaside View — 'KW2 Store' at Kaohsiung Port Warehouse No. 2

"At the invitation of Kaohsiung Mayor Chen Chu, Louisa opened the new KW2 Store in Kaohsiung's new cultural park on March 31, 2018. Located inside Kaohsiung Port Warehouse No. 2, which was constructed in 1914 during the Japanese colonial era, the Louisa KW2 Store was finished — from initial planning to the grand opening — in a mere 16 days (remodeling began on March 5 and ended on March 20). To harmonize the store with its massive 5,600 square meter surroundings, a unique design was created which fuses the essence of coffee and the harbor's own characteristics together. Featuring decorations of relics from old ships and antiques from a bygone era, the store exudes an ambience that echoes the pier warehouse's rich history.

After savoring a delicious cup of coffee, you can walk up to the second floor to revel in an expansive view of Kaohsiung Harbor. As dusk approaches, visitors can also take a leisurely stroll along the pier to watch the sun set. General Manager Chris Huang says it best: ""What we provide is more than just coffee — it's a lifestyle!"" Louisa has embraced the local culture in a way that gives customers a chance to savor a cup of aromatic coffee, take in the sights around the harbor, enjoy the rich historical atmosphere, and experience the delight of third wave specialty coffee."